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Precision targeting is everything

Proven, automated brain mapping for personalized circuit-based targeting.

Precision targeting for neuromodulation therapies

Neuromodulation is an effective treatment for neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor. However, achieving desired outcomes and minimizing side effects hinges on the ability to precisely target specific areas of the brain in individual patients. Turing Medical’s targeting and mapping solution, Bullsai, equips clinicians with the critical information needed to accurately plan and execute image-guided neuromodulation procedures.

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Precision Targeting

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Personalized precision targeting based on individualized brain mapping

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Streamlined Workflows

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Data-driven, automated precision targeting workflows powered by AI/ML

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Better Clinical Outcomes

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Accurate and reliable patient-specific targeting leads to better patient outcomes

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Reliable and precise patient-specific targeting to guide neuromodulation therapies.

Turing Medical Bullsai delivers efficient, accurate and effective patient-specific targeting for neuromodulation therapies. Our automated workflows streamline and enhance the use of advanced imaging for targeting – improving clinical outcomes while freeing up time for clinicians to engage in direct patient care.

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Ensures high quality input by providing real-time feedback and final data QC score

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Uses AI/ML to identify functional targets with advanced visualization

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Provides visual confirmation of accurate electrode placement

Two medical professionals analyze brain scans

Striving to obtain better brain images while saving time and reducing costs.

MRI data is the foundation of many medical procedures. Better image quality means more accurate procedures, more confident practitioners and, ultimately, better patient outcomes. FIRMM and FIRMM-PIX help technicians reduce patient motion during image acquisition, leading to better MRI data.

News & Events

Turing Medical Launches New Brain Mapping and Targeting Solution at ASSFN Biannual Meeting

Bullsai precision targeting for personalized neuromodulation therapy NASHVILLE, TENN., JUNE 1, 2024—Turing Medical, the leader in precision targeting for neuromodulation therapies, today announced the launch of Bullsai, its new brain mapping and […]

Turing Medical Co-Founders Publish in Nature

Turing Medical (Turing), formerly Nous Imaging, is proud to share that research led by our co-founders, Nico Dosenbach, M.D., PhD and Damien Fair, PA-C, PhD has been published on March 16 in Nature.

Turing Medical Co-Founder Damien Fair Awarded MacArthur Fellowship

Fair among 21 winners of prestigious “Genius Grant”

Pioneering precision targeting for neuromodulation therapies

Turing Medical enhances neuromodulation therapies by efficiently integrating personalized and precise image-based targeting into existing clinical workflows. Our automated pipelines provide accurate and reliable patient-specific targeting and streamline pre-operative planning—saving time, improving patient outcomes, and minimizing off-target effects.

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