Turing Medical Research

Striving to obtain better brain images while saving time and reducing costs.

MRI data is the foundation of many medical procedures. Better image quality means more accurate procedures, more confident practitioners and, ultimately, better patient outcomes. FIRMM and FIRMM-PIX help technicians reduce patient motion during image acquisition, leading to better MRI data.

Two medical professionals analyze brain scans

Enhance MRI image quality for better patient outcomes.


of fMRI scans are
affected by motion1


of inpatient and/or ED MR exams have significant motion artifacts1

1 Dosenbach, N.U.F. et al., 2017

FIRMM Screenshot

Derives accurate, real-time motion metrics from brain MRI data without requiring additional hardware.

  • Set protocol-specific parameters such as motion threshold
  • Automatically plot the motion trace and quality metrics
  • Monitor quality metrics in real time

Uses in-scanner biofeedback experience to effectively improve patient motion and satisfaction.

  • Use gamification to train patients to stay still during image acquisition
  • Deliver visual feedback during media play to reduce movement
  • Improve image quality without sedation

FIRMM-PIX Screenshot