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Enhance your MRI capabilities with our advanced solutions. Designed for technologists, researchers, and physicians, our technology ensures precise, high-quality imaging. Achieve greater data accuracy, improved diagnostics, and seamless workflow integration, empowering you to deliver exceptional results.

A doctor looks at a tablet while an external monitor shows a brain scan.

Accurate real-time motion metrics from brain MRI data.

Easy to set up and use, FIRMM software derives accurate real-time motion metrics from brain MRI data and is proven to save time and improve data quality while reducing overall costs.


Saved per scanner per year1


Reduction in unnecessary repeat scans1


Estimated time savings2

1 Andre JB et al., 2015
2 Dosenbach, N.U.F. et al., 2017

Streamline Your MRI Workflow with FIRMM.

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The Turing Medical team will lead you though the initial installation of FIRMM

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Set protocol-specific parameters like the motion threshold and data quality goals required for your study

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FIRMM will automatically plot the motion trace and quality metrics when scanning begins

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Monitor the quality metrics in real time so you can adjust your approach

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