Turing Medical Launches New Brain Mapping and Targeting Solution at ASSFN Biannual Meeting

Bullsai precision targeting for personalized neuromodulation therapy

NASHVILLE, TENN., JUNE 1, 2024—Turing Medical, the leader in precision targeting for neuromodulation therapies, today announced the launch of Bullsai, its new brain mapping and targeting solution, at the American Society for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery (ASSFN) Biennial Meeting in Nashville, Tenn. Pending FDA clearance, Bullsai is currently available for research use and marks a milestone in delivering precision brain mapping and targeting to the emerging field of neuromodulation therapy.

Neuromodulation therapies such as DBS and Focused Ultrasound are revolutionizing the treatment of neurological conditions like Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor and are being explored as treatments for a wide variety of other neuropsychiatric conditions. The ability to precisely identify and target causal brain nodes and networks is critical to achieving desired results and minimizing side effects of these therapies. However, existing coordinate-based targeting strategies fail to account for the considerable variability in brain structure and function between patients. Turing has developed an advanced MRI processing pipeline to identify neuroanatomical structures, white matter pathways, and functional brain networks to personalize targeting for individual patients.

Leo Sugrue, UCSF Neuroradiologist and Neuroscientist, comments, “Bullsai is democratizing the use of advanced imaging to target image-guided neuromodulation to the structure and function of each individual patient’s brain. Their solution allows clinicians to pinpoint structurally and functionally defined brain regions with millimeter-level accuracy. The ability to easily integrate advanced imaging into clinical neuromodulation targeting workflows will improve clinical outcomes while freeing time for clinicians to engage in direct patient care.”

Enhanced Personalized Precision Targeting

Turing Medical Bullsai improves neuromodulation therapies by efficiently integrating personalized and precise image-based targeting into clinical workflows. Bullsai’s advanced image processing and analysis pipelines identify treatment targets and provide metrics of target accuracy and confidence to streamline pre-operative planning—saving time, improving patient outcomes, and minimizing off-target effects.

Precision Targeting: Clinicians can target specific nodes and networks within an individual’s brain, personalizing treatment and leading to predictable and improved clinical outcomes.

Streamlined Workflows: Turing’s automated workflows remove the technical challenges of advanced image-guided targeting, providing clinicians with the information they need to personalize targeting and to quickly and accurately plan and execute image-guided neuromodulation procedures.

Better Clinical Outcomes: Turing’s personalized targeting and automated workflows aim to advance neuromodulation therapies by improving patient outcomes and reducing the risk of adverse side effects.

Turing Medical Bullsai is pending FDA clearance and is available today for research purposes only.

About Turing Medical
Turing Medical is a neurotechnology company that is focused on improving clinical outcomes for patients with neurological diseases. The Turing mission is to deliver cost-effective imaging enhancements, establish next generation data analytics, and create a new patient centric experience in the MR suite. For additional information please visit www.turingmedical.com.

Ashley King